Real Estate. Real Style

Nolita Group is a team of licensed new york city Brokers who excel at pairing clients with their ideal spaces.


Nolita Group has matched a wide range of companies with the perfect spaces for them to grow and succeed. From Restaurants to tech companies, established corporations to startups, Nolita Group is the perfect partner in your business ventures.

Artist Loft

Nolita Group understands creative looks for different spaces than the usual. From World Renowned Photographers to Oscar winning Directors, we have worked with some of the most talented creatives in the world and have learned through experience exactly the type of design and flair needed to get the artistic juices flowing.

Our Clients

Nolita Group works with a variety of talented creatives, companies, and owners to create many of downtown manhattans staple hot spots. Come take a look and see what we have done.